ANSWERS to frequently asked questions about practices:

We will utilize the GISD Schools during our Spring League.  Because we use the schools, we are not able to hold practices on days when the District is closed.   Replacement practices days will be listed on this site and an email will be sent to the Coaches.

You will find a map link to each of the facilities we use on our Location Information page.

GVA provides one, 1-hour practice per week for each recreational team and one, 2-hour practice for each competitive team.

How do we pick a practice location?  Well, actually, you don’t . . .
GVA provides a list of locations and the days/times that those locations are available for our rental to all of the Coaches. Armed with that knowledge, the Coach of your child’s team decides what night of the week, which location, and during what hour slot they would like to hold their mandatory practice.

What are the practice times?  Again, the Coach decides and the choices range depending on the location.

Once you know what time your Coach is going to hold practice, it is strongly recommended that you have your child to the practice location at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to get the most out of the time allotted.

How do we find out what night/time we practice?  Ooohhhh – Good Question!
With our On-Line Registration System, Coaches will be able to contact the team with information as soon as it is available to them.  Late Registration ends on February 29th.  We hope to have all practice slots assigned no later than March 9th.

It is EXTREMELY important that you provide an email address that is accurate and checked FREQUENTLY.    All information is given to you (from GVA or your Coach) via email.

If you ever forget what night your child’s practice is on – you can check the “Team Information” page in our On-Line System.  Just log-in with the UserName and Password you received when you registered.

When do practices start?
Practices began the week of March 16th.

What if we want to practice more than once a week?
GVA provides the space and equipment rental for the above-mentioned “one, 1 or 2 -hour practice per week.”  If the team decides to hold additional practices, they are permitted to do so, but those practices cannot be scheduled through the facilities or GISD privately. Please contact Steffanie and she will work with the owners to see if an additional practice opportunity is available.

GISD will not issue individual rental agreements. GVA will not make additional rental agreements with the school district above and beyond the one practice provided.

DO NOT contact GISD to schedule private practices. This has been happening more and more frequently and it is becoming a problem with the District.   Please help us keep our relationship with GISD a good one.  Thanks!  ;}

Why have I heard about other teams who practice more than one time per week?
A few teams are fortunate enough to have a Coach or Team Parent that has access to alternate locations.  While teams are allowed to have as many additional practices as they would like, only the one provided by GVA is to be considered mandatory.  *It is also important to note that while at a GVA provided practice – your child is covered by our Supplemental Insurance in the event of an injury.  You do not have this when participating in a non-GVA provided practice.

What if my child has other commitments and can only practice on a specific night of the week?
There is space on the registration form where you can note any special requests – put the night your child can practice in that location.  We will do our best to match your individual needs.  *Please note that this may cause last minute changes to team assignments.

When do we practice ?
Check the Practice List.

If you have any other questions regarding practice that have not been addressed here, please send me an email and I will answer you and more than likely post the answer/question here for others.
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