Code of Conduct

Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct

Support of parents and spectators is very important to the success of our volleyball league. The majority of parents and spectators who attend games at GVA are well behaved. We expect that everyone in attendance has this same ability. Therefore, we are requiring that each parent/guardian agree to keep their behavior (and those accompanying them) in check when attending GVA league games and practices.

Your child is so proud to have you observe their participation. You as a parent or spectator play a big role in supporting your children. This role should never include reviewing an official’s call, helping coach your team from the bleachers, or criticizing the play of your child or others. Sarcasm, negative remarks, and unsolicited advice have never helped a child enjoy her experience in GVA and will not be tolerated. You should be their number one role model for how to behave during sports participation – please make it positive!

By selecting “I Agree” on the Registration Form, you agree to support a positive experience for all participants in GVA. You will also be held accountable for other family members and friends who attend GVA games and practices. Infractions of the below rules will result in removal of the person in violation, the player they are supporting, and possible forfeiture of the game by the team they represent.

  1. I understand that referees and linesmen will call the game from their vantage point – the best view of the game. I will treat these officials with the same respect that I would want for my own child.
  2. I will allow the coach to coach the team. Each parent has an opportunity to be a volunteer coach in the league. By placing your daughter on a team, you have agreed to allow another individual to coach her. Keep your sideline comments to supportive ones only and refrain from yelling instructions to players, coaches, or officials.
  3. I will treat all participants (players, coaches, and other spectators) with respect. Try showing your appreciation for good play, no matter which team or player makes it. I will also encourage good sportsmanship by refraining from excessive or abusive language and behavior in the gym.
  4. I will learn all that I can about the game. Before you criticize a call or rule interpretation, be sure you know and understand them. The game has changed over the years, and there are even slight rule changes from season to season. Your coach is the best source for rule interpretation and questions are best answered after the game.
  5. I will provide a sports environment that is free of drugs and alcohol and will refrain from their use before and during practices and games.
  6. To insure the safety of everyone involved, I will support the “no free play” rule at both games and practices by not allowing anyone other than the girls in the league to play on the courts or with the balls and equipment in the gyms at any time.


Everyone who has registered/paid for their daughter to play in

GVA agrees to abide by the above Code of Conduct.


Texas Penal Code 42

Disorderly Conduct – A person commits an offense if they intentionally or knowingly:

Cusses ~ Offensive Gestures ~ Threatens or Abuses ~ Fights

Thank you!