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Spring 2020 ~ Coaches Register Online!

Mandatory NEW Coaches Meeting – Friday, March 6th –  7:00-8:30 p.m., at Granger Rec Center


Registration Opened 1/1/2020.

You are encouraged to attend/assist with any of the Skills Clinics.  There is no cost for you or your child to attend.

Register by clicking the clinic below.

Our registration system allows us to electronically assign teams to coaches.  In order for us to do that, you must register as a Coach.  There is no fee for this.

If you have a child playing, you must still register them with their own account.  Indicating on your child’s registration that you would like to coach does NOT register you as a coach, it just alerts us to your interest.

To Register, please:

  • Visit the Registration Page.
  • Select the grade and level you will be coaching.
  • Select “Unassigned Coach Registration”
  • Complete the form. – Enter your Team Name in the Notes.
  • If you have a jersey color preference, please enter that as well – first come, first served.
  • Click “Complete this Registration”

That’s it!  You’re now registered to Coach.  A background check will automatically be processed.

You’ll be given a UserName and Password which will allow access to your team information at any time.

Want to bring an entire team? We’d love to have you!  Register online by following the instructions above and then notify your players to let them know you’ve registered.  Each player needs to register online. They will have the option of indicating if they are a new or returning player.  They will also have an option to put in your team name.  Ask each player to write your last name followed by your team name (Young/VB<3rs) – they will be moved to your roster as they register and you will be able to view all those who register 24/7 by logging into your account.

Select your practice location/time by clicking HERE.

^^ You need the password – text me if you don’t have it or don’t remember it.  ^^

Click This Picture to View the Tip of the Week!
Click This Picture to View the Tip of the Week!

Coaches~  Please take a few minutes and review the information available on the Responsible Sports website.  Just click the picture below to begin and don’t forget to take the quiz when you’re done!  This site is full of interesting and informative information!

Click Me!Click Me!

Here are some SportSkool videos to help you teach your girls the right way to serve, pass, set, and hit.

Hey you BUSY Coaches!  Want to do your line-up sheet at home or work?
Here is a file for you to use each week.  I print one copy for me and another for the score table.

2nd – 6th Grade Recreational ~ Click HERE to view/print/download a PDF Line-Up Sheet
6th Comp, 7th & 8th Grade ~ Click HERE to view/print/download a PDF Line-Up Sheet  *Remember to circle the game you want recorded (depending on the coin toss) and you’re back to coaching!

Please make certain you are familiar with the GVA Rules.  As a coach, you need to know how to answer any questions that may be asked by parents or players.  You can click the picture and read them online or download the file.  A copy of the rules will always be in a folder at each score table on game night.
Click here to download latest rules.

What do all those signals the refs use mean????