Coaching Agreement

Below is a copy of the Coaching Agreement that every volunteer coach signs at the beginning of each season.   Additionally, all shown below have cleared their BackGround Checks.


Garland Volleyball Association

Coaching Agreement for Spring 2017 Volunteers

I, (insert name), understand and agree that when I register to serve as a coach within this league, I give GVA the right to secure additional information about me by obtaining a criminal history record.

I agree to be familiar with current GVA Rules well enough to explain them to the players, the parents, and/or other visiting laypeople.

I agree to read, understand, and fulfill my duties as described in Section 2, Coaching Responsibilities, of the GVA Coaching Folder.

I will represent myself and this league in a positive, professional manner at all times while serving as a coach to the children within the league.

I will teach good sportsmanship through example, win or lose.

I understand I am subject to dismissal at the discretion of GVA should I fail to comply with any rule or regulation established by Garland Volleyball Association.


Signature of Coach

2nd/3rd Grade

Steve Boeding – Cardinals

Joshua Hudson – Dream Spikers

Casey Trent – Sparking Spikers

Toni Skipalis – Tigers

Scott Divelbiss – TBD

 4th Grade

Stacy McEntee – Attack Pack

Kristina Bell – Fire Setters

Brett Kovatch – Fire Setters

Brandon Bauer – TBD

Cory Leiker – TBD

Jasmine Butler – TBD

5th Grade

Shala Robinson -Dazzling Diamonds

April Weary – Dazzling Diamonds

Julie Du-Henson – TBD

6th Grade Rec

Heather Huse – Orange Crush

LaPrincessa Booker – SHOCK

Audrenia Graham – SWAT

6th Comp & 7th/8th Rec

Stacy McEntee – Atomic Block

Joe Don Davis – Atomic Block

Jeniece Richard – KnockOut

Nosheen Ahmad – Stars

Steffanie Young – Texas Twisters

7th / 8th Grade Comp

Crystal Martinez – Flying Aces

Gabriel Arradaza – Thunder

Vanessa Grifaldo – Thunder

Donna Bradford – Volley Divas

Chelsea Levvis-Hughes – Volley Divas

Stephanie Sanborn – Volley Girlz