Schedule, Spring 2018

You should check your schedule WEEKLY to make sure there haven’t been changes made due to unforeseen circumstances.

All Matches will be played at the Texas Assault Facility.  <== Link will provide you with the address, instructions, and an interactive map.

No Practices the week of GISD Spring Break – March 12-15

No Matches on Friday, March 30th

UPCOMING Practice Conflicts – Coaches will notify you of changes.

3/21 – Schrade – Wednesday

3/27 – Stephens – Tuesday

6th Comp/7th/8th Rec Standings

Lady Liberty00000
Fire Setters00000
Lady Eagles00000

MW - Matches Won
ML - Matches Lost
SW - Sets Won
SL - Sets Lost
PD - Point Difference
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DateTimeTypeVisitorHome teamLocation/Result
Mar 23rd6:30RegularStarsLady LibertyAssault, Ct 7
Mar 23rd7:30RegularStormStarsAssault, Ct 7
Mar 23rd8:30RegularFire SettersLady EaglesAssault, Ct 7
Apr 6th6:30RegularFire SettersLady LibertyAssault, Ct 7
Apr 6th7:30RegularLady EaglesStormAssault, Ct 7
Apr 13th6:30RegularStormFire SettersAssault, Ct 7
Apr 13th7:30RegularStarsFire SettersAssault, Ct 7
Apr 13th8:30RegularLady LibertyLady EaglesAssault, Ct 7
Apr 20th6:30RegularLady EaglesStarsAssault, Ct 7
Apr 20th7:30RegularLady LibertyStormAssault, Ct 7
Apr 27th7:30RegularStarsStormAssault, Ct 7
Apr 27th8:30RegularLady EaglesFire SettersAssault, Ct 7
May 4th6:30RegularFire SettersStormAssault, Ct 7
May 4th7:30RegularLady EaglesLady LibertyAssault, Ct 7
May 4th8:30RegularLady LibertyStarsAssault, Ct 7
May 11th6:30RegularStarsLady EaglesAssault, Ct 7
May 11th7:30RegularStormLady EaglesAssault, Ct 7
May 11th8:30RegularLady LibertyFire SettersAssault, Ct 7
May 18th6:30RegularFire SettersStarsAssault, Ct 7
May 18th7:30RegularStormLady LibertyAssault, Ct 7

No playoff matches scheduled for this league