Fall 2017

Week Five – 10/20/17


 Fall League Schedules are POSTED

You can click the link above or go to the LEAGUES tab and select Schedule, Fall 2017.

You can access your Coach’s information 24/7 by logging in to the Sports Pilot system and viewing your child’s roster.

Quick Links for Coaches/Parents/Players

GVA Rules – Review our rules.  Spectators are NOT permitted to communicate with the referees during match play.  Refer to the Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct – When you registered – you agreed to follow our Code of Conduct.

2nd-6th Rec Line-Up Sheet

6th Comp & 7th/8th Line-Up Sheet

Map to TA Facility.

Great Advice!  Watch Coach Auriemma’s Video . . . Attitude is Everything.

Parents – PLEASE watch this TEDx Video